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District 3 Parcel Description

    Castries Road / Cavehill
    Pipers Avenue
    Lodge Hill
    Well Gap


    Lodge Hill
    Harbour View Road
    Horizon Drive


    Lodge Terrace
    Lodge Crescent
    Eden Lodge Farm Gap The Farm Green Hill Lake Close

    Eden Lodge Stage 1
    Eden Lodge Stage 2


    Rock Dundo Park
    Rock Dundo Heights


    Whitehall Main Road / Cave Hill
    Well Gap


       All that area of land situate in the parish of St. Michael, comprising Clerview Heights, Clermont, Warrens Park South, Lodge Terrace, Eden Lodge, the western side of Green Hill, the eastern side of White Hall, Rock Dundo Park, Rock Dundo Heights, Well Gap, Lodge Hill, West Road, Airle Tenantry and Hinds Hill commencing from the juction of Husbands Road and Clermont Road and continuing along Clermont Road to its junction at Warrens with Hightway 2A, then along Highway 2A to the roundabout where it joins the Gordon Cummins Highway, then along the Gordon Cummins Highway to the Warrens roundabout, then alogng Green Hill Road to its junction with Whitehall Road then along Whitehall Road to its junction at Hinds Hill with the Gordon Cummins Highway, then along Husbands Road to its junction with Clermont Road.

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